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New website for the National Office for Child Safety, updated links to important resources

New website for the National Office for Child Safety, updated links to important resources

There are a range of resources on the site which have been designed to support child safety, such as the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations which are available in 10 translated languages, and the Complaint Handling Guide: Upholding the Rights of Children and Young People, a resource to support organisations that work with children to appropriately respond to complaints involving children and help children feel safe.

 Other resources available on the site include a Guide for Parents and Carers, an Introductory Self-Assessment Tool for Organisations, and a National Principles poster. 

NOCS has also commissioned the development of new resources, which will...

Acknowledging great practice

Acknowledging great practice

Working in out-of-home care is challenging. We know so many of you are working hard every day to care for and support children and young people in care.

Whether you are working for the Department for Child Protection, non-government organisations or are caring for a child in your own home, we all play an important role in making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people in care.

From time to time, we hear some wonderful stories about people who go ‘above and beyond’ in their work to ensure children in care are safe, nurtured and helped...

Introducing The Reily Foundation

The Reily Foundation is an Australian organisation that was established to advocate for parents whose children have been removed by the child protection services in your state or territory. We recognise that where possible children should have the right to be raised in a safe and supportive environment, preferably by their biological parent.

We acknowledge that in all the work we do the safety and well-being of children is paramount.

We acknowledge that the most vulnerable people in our community are those who are subject to the gaze of...