The Reily Foundation - What we do

The Reily Foundation was set up to provide pro bono advocacy support to families who have had government intervention in the lives of their children.

The Reily Foundation is an Australian organisation that was established to advocate for parents whose children have been removed by the child protection services in your state or territory. We recognise that where possible children should have the right to be raised in a safe and supportive environment, preferably by their biological parent.

We acknowledge that in all the work we do the safety and well-being of children is paramount.

We acknowledge that the most vulnerable people in our community are those who are subject to the gaze of child protection services.

We work with parents to help them understand what it is that they need to change in order to parent more effectively.

We give parents a voice when they are not being heard. We provide a voice for children so that they can have the best connection possible with their biological parents when they are in the care of the government.

It is our experience with the statutory child protection departments across Australia  that parents and caregivers who are represented by an independent voice are more likely to have appropriate outcomes than those who are unrepresented. This is especially true if the involvement by a family advocate occurs early in the intervention.

As family advocates we partner with the client to evaluate what they need to do in order to have their child/children returned to them. A clear analysis of the risk factors provides a guide for the parents/caregivers as to what steps they need to take in order to have their child/children returned to them.

A family advocate responds to those risk factors by highlighting to the child protection department social workers how or in what ways the parent/caregivers are working towards addressing those risk factors.

There are many cases where we have represented parents and/or caregivers (for example grandparents) and through that representation have been able to negotiate with the child protection department pathways, so that the child/children can be returned.

We are a registered charity with tax exempt and Deductible Gift Recipient status. This means that donors would be able to claim all donations over $2 as a tax deduction.

If you need help with such an issue, you can request it by filling out the form here.

We have a range of merchandise that you can but that will help fund our work.

If you would like to donate to The Reily Foundation, you can do so here. There are a variety of ways you can donate. You can make a one time gift or a recurring one and you can donate via PayPal, cheque, money order or direct deposit.

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