Code of Conduct

The Reily Foundation Code of Conduct

This following code of conduct establishes ground rules for demonstrating ethical behaviour while remaining an active participant in The Reily Foundation (hereafter ‘The Foundation’).

The Foundation Management Committee (MC) take necessary and reasonable steps to instil discipline in committee members, sub-committee members, representatives, volunteers and active participants (hereafter referred to as “members”) and guide them to follow the Code of Conduct, comply with laws and regulations and adhere to election regulations.

This code of conduct is to be upheld by all committee members, sub-committee members and any volunteers or active participants who have been recognised and assigned by the Foundation committee.

The management committee reserves the right to vote for removal of any person not upholding the following values and code of conduct.

Foundation Values

  • Social equity and inclusion, social justice, families supported and treated fairly, respectful representation of the Foundation.
  • All members and representatives act according to the legislative requirements, policies and ethical codes that apply.
  • The Foundation purpose is to advocate for families and children in order to ensure that the best possible outcomes for families and children are achieved..
  • Make decisions fairly, impartially and promptly. Decisions are discussed by the MC considering all available information, legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Treat members of the public and colleagues with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard for their interests, rights, safety and welfare.
  • Not harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues, committee members, volunteers, active participants and members of the public.
  • Contribute to a harmonious, safe and productive environment in all our endeavours.
  • The Foundation will be transparent and accountable for all actions.


  • Not disclose official information or documents acquired through any or our activities, particularly with respect to discussion of a client’s issues, other than as required by law or where proper authorisation is given.
  • Not misuse official information for personal or commercial gain for myself or another.
  • Adhere to legal requirements, policies and all other lawful directives regarding communication with child protection departments, members of the media and members of the public generally.
  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information as it pertains to individuals.
  • All information regarding members details shall be kept.

Record Keeping

  • Record actions and reasons for decisions to ensure transparency.
  • Ensure the secure storage of sensitive or confidential information.
  • Comply with our record keeping plan as per policy.
  • Where permissible, share information to fulfil our role.
  • All social media will be monitored by delegated MC members. Any communication that is considered inappropriate will be removed.

Personal Behaviour

  • All members will adhere to the code of conduct.
  • It is expected that members will act with integrity as per the values of the Foundation. Any members that are considered to be acting against the Foundation ethics will be brought before the MC to decide if their membership is revoked.
  • To demonstrate respect for others values and beliefs while upholding and maintaining the values and beliefs of the Foundation. We recognise that a diversity of opinion is desirable and is necessary for a robust debate, however it is important that such debates should be confined to the appropriate approach towards the advocacy work undertaken. Any difference of opinion will be settled by the Foundation President.
  • The Foundation President is responsible for speaking on behalf of the foundation unless, in specific circumstances, the MC appoints a representative of the party to speak on singular issues eg someone who has specific expertise in a specific area.
  • To maintain the Foundation code of conduct while demonstrating respect for others values and belief systems. The Foundation does not affiliate with any particular religious, spiritual or sectarian belief system. Foundation are inclusive of all belief and value systems in our membership providing those belief systems are in accord with Foundation values and intent.


  • Not engage in conduct that is fraudulent, corrupt, dishonest or illegal or cause or threaten or behave in a manner which may be seen as detrimental to the values of the party.
  • Not make misleading, exaggerated or extravagant claims or comments against organisations or the Foundation.
  • Refrain from making remarks or displaying comments on social media that are abusive in nature, derogative, slanderous, prejudice, discriminative or could be seen as detrimental to Foundation Management Committee, child protection organisations, other organisations and associated peoples.
  • Refrain from making negative or adverse comments on all social media and to the public against Foundation Management Committee, representatives, electives, candidates and volunteers.
  • Keep political agenda activities, advocacy issues and involvement separate from personal activities and values.
  • Report any breaches of code of conduct or fraudulent behaviour to the Secretary. Should the Secretary be the person charged with a breach of conduct or fraudulent behaviour, the report shall be made to the President.

We will not

  • Destroy, disfigure or remove the Foundation’s materials nor those materials of other advocacy organisations.
  • Plagiarize other advocacy organisations symbols, colours or acronyms.
  • Offer bribes to any person.
  • Abuse positions of power, influence or privilege.
  • Discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, ethnicity, social class, sexual preference, physical/intellectual ability or religion.

Conflicts of Interest – We will

  • Ensure personal or financial interests do not conflict with my ability to perform my duties in an impartial manner.
  • Manage and declare any conflict between my personal and public duty and, where conflicts of interest do arise, ensure they are managed in both the Foundation and public’s best interest.

We commit

  • To taking responsibility for reporting improper conduct or misconduct which has been, or may be occurring amongst any of the active participants representing the Foundation. I will report the details to the MC.
  • To taking responsibility for contributing in a constructive and positive way to enhance good governance and the reputation of the Foundation.
  • To being transparent and accountable for all my actions.
  • I will work as a team member towards the collective goal of the Foundation.


If you wish to lodge a complaint against any member of the Reily Foundation, please fill out the Contact Us form.

Your Reily Foundation Record

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