Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Find Legal Help

The Reily Foundation often receives requests seeking legal advice which is something we cannot provide.

However, there are some lawyers who do some pro bono work. Click the link for your state or territory to see which lawyers provide this service in your area.

Note that the Reily Foundation does not endorse any lawyer you may find using the Australian Pro Bono website.

Lodging a Complaint with Your Child Protection Department

If you are unhappy with the progress of the dealings with the department familiarise with the complaints resolution.

External Dispute Resolution Services

If Internal dispute resolution does not work then identify external dispute resolution including government bodies that can help. This site provides that sort of service: Conflict Resolution Service.

You can also contact the Ombudsman in your state:

Dispute Resolution Guide

This guide from the National Office for Child Safety may help you in a dispute resolution: